"The incarnation of wicked, BLACK PIERROT!!"
— Black Pierrot's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Black Pierrot (ブラックピエロ, "Burakkupiero") is a villainous creature who debuts as the true antagonist of Magical Drop II

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Black Pierrot is a small clown, not unlike those controlled by the player. He wears a black jester suit and has an X on his forehead. Concealed under his headwear is an afro.

Black Pierrot is a bizarre, eccentric clown, though he apparently has the power to corrupt others. Following him is a harem of singing peanut women called the Peanut Girls.

Magical Drop II Edit

Black Pierrot is responsible for corrupting Empress.

Black Pierrot appears if the player defeats Empress without using a continue. He locks away Empress, Devil, and Father Strength before doing battle against the player character. When defeated, the game's ending will proceed as normal, and he will appear during the closing credits.

He is unlockable in the Super Famicom version by pressing Down on the playable characters in the order in which they are battled in 1P vs CPU mode and, after doing so with Father Strength, pressing Up on Empress's portrait.

Magical Drop III Edit

Black Pierrot is a bonus boss, appearing before Tower should the player fulfill certain conditions. He also appears in the ending of Challenge Mode's Difficult mode.

In the console versions, he also appears as a bonus boss, but the player is not penalized for losing to him. He is playable in the console versions by clearing the game at least once. In his ending, the Peanut Girls get the Magical Drop, but Black Pierrot eventually gets eaten by a giant Fool Cat.

Magical Drop FEdit

Black Pierrot isn't playable in this game, but cameos in Daughter Strength's dizzified animations.

Magical Drop V Edit

Black Pierrot returns in Magical Drop V as a bonus boss and unlockable character.

Trivia Edit

  • Black Pierrot is one of the few Magical Drop characters that is not based on the Tarot deck, and is the only one to appear in multiple games.
  • Black Pierrot cannot by challenged if the player completes 1P vs CPU mode on the 2P side.
  • He was called "The Black Clawn" [sic] in Magical Drop II's credits.
  • The player receives World's ending if they use cheat codes to play as Black Pierrot in the Neo Geo version of Magical Drop III.