"The incarnation of wicked, BLACK PIERROT!!"
— Black Pierrot's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Black Pierrot (ブラックピエロ, "Burakkupiero") is a fictional character and the only character who is non-playable and not to be taken from a tarot card, although he is playable. He is a tiny little guy and smaller than Rini of Lovers. Black Pierrot dresses all in black in what appears to be a parody of a jester's outfit, and wears a black "X" on his forehead. According to his gallery page in Magical Drop V, he awakens evil in Empress by brainwashing her.

Magical Drop II Edit

In the SNES version of Magical Drop II, he can be unlocked and become playable by defeating Empress without continuing and he will appear as the "true" final boss to be challenged. By defeating him, he will become a playable character and his icon will appear above Empress at the player select screen of 1P puzzle mode.

Magical Drop III Edit

There is no way to play as him but using a cheat in the arcade version (which makes him playable in this game) and a glitch in the Neo Geo version of this game, and only the best Magical Drop players can challenge him. If the player scores at least 15,000 points and stick to consecutive wins without continuing at the ninth stage where High Priestess and Temperance are both located near the end of the game, Black Pierrot might challenge the player before the battle with Tower. Even the best players have a lot of difficulty defeating him without continuing, due to his unique ability to teleport his clown to any column at will. After losing to him and use a continue, the player can still beat him on his stage. Black Pierrot comes back playable in the PlayStation version. In his ending when the Peanut Girls got the Magical Drop, Black Pierrot eventually gets eaten by a giant Fool Cat.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Black Pierrot stands with his hands at his sides, grinning menacingly.

Combo Animation 1

Black Pierrot clenches both fists at his sides, arcing electricity over his card.

Combo Animation 2

The Peanut Girls push Black Pierrot out of the way and then sing a few notes.

Combo Animation 3

The peanut girls, already present from animation 2, stretch upward.

Victory Animation

Black Pierrot puts his hands behind his head and shakes his hips while his three peanut girls crowd onto the card singing.

NOTE: In Magical Drop II, his victory animation is when he shrinks himself down to microscopic size and does a cartwheel flip.

Victim Animation

Black Pierrot will punch himself in the face and flies into the background.

Panic Animation 1

Black Pierrot narrows his eyes and scowls.

Panic Animation 2

Black Pierrot's entire face is shadowed, and the whites of his eyes disappear.

NOTE: Black Pierrot grins a hapless grin.

The Peanut Girls Edit

Black Pierrot has recruited three Peanuts Girls since Magical Drop II. In Magical Drop III, His outfit doesn't change at all when palette-swapped, but only his eyes and the singer's outfits change from red to purple. During the ending of Magical Drop II, Black Pierrot will take off his hood and show his afro. This was also shown in Magical Drop III when the player accomplishes 1P vs. CPU mode on the hard difficulty setting of challenge mode.

Magical Drop FEdit

Black Pierrot wasn't playable in this game, but he made a cameo on a dizzified Strength II's head He also appears during Strength II's defeat picture.

Magical Drop V Edit

Black Pierrot returns in Magical Drop V as an unlockable character. In E3 2011, he was confirmed by being on the character selection screen rather than performing a glitch in the past Magical Drop arcade games. 

Trivia Edit

  • Due to completing 1P Vs. CPU without using a continue as Player 2, Black Pierrot's stage cannot be shown due to not having an alternate color for Player 1.
  • In Magical Drop II, Black Pierrot has a background stage where Empress, Devil, and Strength are all locked up due to being defeted.
  • Black Pierrot only appears as a cameo on a dizzified Strength II's head in Magical Drop F.
  • He was called "The Black Clown" in the ending of Magical Drop II.
  • The name "Black Clown" was accidentally misspelled as "Black Clawn".
  • Black Pierrot is one of the characters who did not have a tarot card. But in Magical Drop V, he was confirmed to have one.
  • During his first combo animation, Black Pierrot can charge up which refers to Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and many other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Along with Empress, Black Pierrot is slightly the hardest character to defeat in Magical Drop II and III.
  • In Black Pierrot's ending of Magical Drop II, he was stepped on by World.
  • When playing as Black Pierrot in Magical Drop III, upon using an AR cheat code (on MAME, Kawaks, and other emulated arcade versions of this game), the player can still get World's ending upon clearing challenge mode in the Japanese version.

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