"Your call for help is music to my ears."
— Death's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Death (デス, "Desu") is a cold, mysterious character debuting in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Death is a young adult with short purple hair. She has pointed ears, fangs, and wear skull earrings. Her top exposes her belly and the underside of breasts, and her legs are only covered by thigh-high boots and legbands. She wears a cape attached to a large neckpiece, and wields a scythe. She appears the same in Magical Drop V, but has a noticibly darker skin tone.

In Magical Drop F, Death has long silver hair and dons a red hooded cloak. In her transformed state, she has short hair and dons revealing clothing more in line with her original depiction. Her scythe is curved inward in her normal state and, in her transformed state, changes shape to more easily allow for combat.

Death is an immortal, prideful woman who serves as the Magical Land equivalent of the Grim Reaper. With her thirst for blood, dislike of praise, quest for collecting heads, and unmentionable dark and sad past, one might view her as a stereotypically "edgy" character. However, she appears to have fallen for Hierophant.

She is sometimes depicted as a rival to Justice.

Magical Drop III Edit

Death is a potential fourth opponent in Challenge Mode's easy difficulty, a potential fifth opponent in Challenge Mode's normal and hard difficulties, and a mid-boss in Magical Journey.

In her arcade ending, she brags about being immortal, which Daughter Strength and Devil painfully puts to the test. In her console ending, she leaves the Magical Drops behind as she continues on her quest to collect heads.

Magical Drop Pocket Edit

She is a playable character. In her ending, she states that the Magical Drops cannot change her dark fate so easily and leaves them behind.

Magical Drop F Edit

Death is a playable character, and also the final boss of Lovers's story. In 1P vs. COM, she appears at the 20th stage on the hard difficulty. Her starting item, Reaper's Scythe, erases half of her rows

Magical Drop V Edit

Death returns as a playable character. In her ending, she decides to live for love and ponders whether she should approach Hierophant so much that she develops a headache.