"Your call for help is music to my ears."
— Death's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Between the skintight outfit and skull motif, Death (デス, "Desu") makes her first appearance in Magical Drop III. In addition to her skintight outfit, cape, metal collar, and stylish skull earrings, Death carries a scythe. Her ears are pointed, and one tooth sticks out of her mouth. Death's Japanese voice is brash and loud, especially her victim animation. In the European version, Death shares a voice with Justice, Star, Lovers, Judgment, Temperance, Strength II, and Sun.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

Her ending in the game is that she will try to fly away but as she grants that wish, Strength II launches a boulder at her which causes her to fall and crash to the ground. In Magical Journey, she is feautured as a boss character. She can also attack the player with her scythe, causing him / her to go back three spaces. In challenge mode, she is located at the fourth stage on easy and the fifth stage on medium / hard alongside Fool. In Magical Drop Pocket, her ending is where she states that the Magical Drop can change a destiny. But her destiny cannot be changed so easily.


Stand Animation

Death smiles grimly and takes a deep breath.

Combo Animation 1

Death grips her scythe.

Combo Animation 2

Death holds the scythe in front of her and opens her mouth a bit.

Combo Animation 3

Death rears back and swings her scythe.

Victory Animation

Death draws her thumb across her neck in a throat-slitting motion, then gives a thumbs down.

Victim Animation

Death grabs her throat and gags while yelling.

NOTE: Her background screen of her card flashes.

Panic Animation 1

Death clenches a fist.

Panic Animation 2

Death opens her mouth and wheezes, her eyes bulging.

Magical Drop F Edit

Death is also seen in the intro during the close-up. Her transformation was borrowed from Magical Drop III which is actually, her first appearance. Due to the game's artwork, her design resembles High Priestess' robes. But instead, she appears in a cloak. In Lovers' story mode, she is the final boss for Rini and Giuseppe. In 1P vs. COM, she appears at the 20th stage on the hard difficulty.

Magical Drop V Edit

Death makes a comeback in this game. She now has a darker skin color in desperate need of a suntan. In her gallery page, she is unrequited love with Hierophant.

Trivia Edit

  • On tarot card 13 (XIII), a picture of Death is shown in a suit of armor riding on a horse. But in Magical Drop, Death's appearance is where she appears in a skintight outfit, cape, metal collar, boots, and earrings.
  • According to Death's gallery page in Magical Drop V, she is the only character who cannot die in the series.
  • Death is in unrequited love with Hierophant.
  • Death, along with Empress, Justice, Devil, Chariot, World, Star, Strength II, Hanged Man, Emperor, Strength, Judgment, and Moon are the only characters to have a tanned skin color in the series.

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