Emperor (エンペラー, "Enperā") is a thin man with a handlebar moustache. He wears gold-trimmed robes, a crown, and a red cape. He is very effeminate. At least he hasn't been conned into his new clothes yet. Not surprisingly, Emperor is very soft-spoken in the Japanese version. The European version gives him the same voice as Strength, Magician, Hermit, Tower, and the Black Pierrot.

Magical Drop III Edit

Emperor is located at the fifth stage on easy, and the third stage on medium / hard. He may have some kind making love with Empress, but they both broke up. But in Magical Journey, his ending may have shown where he can make love with her again. Also, Empress is a villain where she hated him. Emperor's ending in challenge mode is where he was dragged into the river by High Priestess and Moon.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Emperor crosses his chest with one arm, putting his elbow in that hand. He twirls his moustache with his other hand.

Combo Animations

1. Emperor turns to look at his opponent and pulls on his moustache. His mouth stretches into a silly-looking "O" shape.

2. Emperor gets a ridiculously huge smile on his face, and clenches both hands to one side of his head.

3. Emperor gets close to the screen so that only his head and handsare showing. He clenches his hands under his chin and shakes his head back and forth in delight.

Victory Animation

Emperor puts one hand on his face and stands there to blinks twice.

Victim Animation

Emperor does a "wild take". His head getting disproportionately large with a look of horror on his face, and spreads his arms out to either side. He shakes toward and away from the screen.

Panic Animations

1. Emperor waves "bye-bye".

2. Emperor's eyes turn bean-shaped, he rolls his pupils back and forth in shock at all the balloons on his card.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop F Edit

Emperor can be found on the sixth stage on the hard difficulty. His transformation states that he appears in his new clothes and a new highly fashioned crown. Emperor's starting item is a lipstick where the item slows down the opponent's movement for a short time.

Trivia Edit

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