"OOHHOHOOHO, You're going to disobey the Empress?"
— Empress' gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Empress (エンプレス, "En puresu") is a character in the series who makes her first appearance in the second game.

Empress is a woman dressed likely a dominatrix. she demands attention when asked, she gets what she desires, and will do anything to get her way. She looks to obtain the ultimate magical power, and is creating a fleet of magicians to obtain the sought out of the magical treasure. In her profile from Magical Drop V, however, she dressed like a dominatrix is actually brainwashed by Black Pierrot, making her not an actual antagonist in Magical Drop II. In Magical Drop III, Empress seemly able to control her evil side as she's often appear in her dominatrix outfit but somehow afraid of her dark side.

Magical Drop II Edit

Empress holds the Magical Drop itself and used its power for evil. She appears at the 10th and final stage after defeating Strength. When defeated, she turns to the good side in her robes. She shed the tight leather for more conservative robes. Her ending is when she uses her whip and accidentally turns to the good side when played as a playable character. She may not be an ally as it seems.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

Empress will be at the 6th stage on easy and the 10th stage on medium / hard of challenge mode alongside World and Strength II. If the player loses to her, she will get her alternate victory animation. She also appears in Magical Journey as a final boss character, where she appears at the goal space. Upon reaching the goal space, she will summon falling rocks to attack the player, causing him / her to go back at least one space. She will ask that she wants to challenge the player to a final battle. Should she win over the player, a bad ending will be shown for the player's defeat. In Magical Drop Pocket, she wishes to be good at cooking. But in the ending for Magical Drop III, she encounters Fool and Magician. But her plan backfires when they come and look at her.


Empress appears to have some connection with World, but the intro in Magical Drop III shows that they look at each other, thinking they want to battle.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Empress stands tall with one hand raised, clenching and unclenching her fist.

Combo Animations

1. Empress pulls her whip taut across her chest.

2. Empress cracks her whip once.

3. Empress will swing the whip multiple times and laughs histerically.

Victory Animations

1. Empress turns off to one side.

NOTE: This animation is used upon losing to her. As a result, her winning animation was borrowed from Magical Drop II, where she licks her chops.

2. Empress feigns off to one side as above, then turns back to the center. When she does a page-turning animation due to breaking the fourth wall as a playable character, she will reveal herself in her robes.

Victim Animation

Empress curls up defensively and puts a hand to her face.

Panic Animations

1. Empress moves down the card and begins clenching her fist more quickly than before.

NOTE: In Magical Drop II, the aura is being shown during her animation.

2. Empress stretches her whip in front of her face and chews on it in frustration.

Magical Drop F Edit

During the intro, Empress is seen battling Magician along with her whip. At the end after Justice defeats Tower, she is chased by Strength II's pet lion, Leo. and is seen running away along with her crew. Her transformation was borrowed from Magical Drop II and Magical Drop III, the robes outfit. Empress is located at the eleventh stage of the hard difficulty in 1P Vs. COM. Her starting item is a mirror where it prevents the opponent from using an item for a short time, blocking the opponent's way of catching up.

Trivia Edit

  • Empress' theme from the Magical Drop series (excluding F) is slightly similar to Nintendo's Metroid main theme which is based on some parts of the music.
  • Empress' color scheme resembles a cat character called Blair from Soul Eater.
  • According to Empress' gallery page in Magical Drop V, she works for Devil and Strength.
  • Empress' original theme is also similar to Break The Targets! theme from Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Melee, which uses the same rhythm style.
  • Empress and Strength II are both voiced by Ai Orikasa in Magical Drop F.
  • Empress, along with Justice, Devil, Chariot, WorldStar, Strength II, EmperorHanged Man, Death, Strength, Judgement, and Moon are the only characters to have a tanned skin color in the series.
  • Empress, along with High Priestess, World, Moon, and Fortune are voiced by older female voice actors when playing Magical Drop II and III in the European region.
  • In Magical Drop II, Empress, along with Devil and Strength can be unlocked by pressing down on all of the characters in tarot card order.
  • In Magical Drop III, Empress, along with World and Fortune are the only three characters who are final bosses. World and Empress are final bosses at the 6th stage of the easy difficulty, while Fortune takes the role for them both at the 12th stage of the medium and hard difficulties. Empress is also the final boss during Magical Journey mode where the player lands on the goal space.

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