Strength (ストレングス, "Sutorengusu") is a hulking brute of a man, covered with nearly as many scars as he is muscles. This is the titan that gave players of Magical Drop II so much trouble, serving as the sub-boss character just before Empress. He wears a spiked headband and bracers (Bandana and tunic in Magical Drop F). In Magical Drop III, Strength can be unlocked by highlighting Strength II on the character select screen and holding down the C button, then Press A (for a pale Strength) or B (for a darker, tanned Strength). In the Japanese version, Strength is the same loudmouth he was in Magical Drop II. In the European version, he shares a voice with Magician, Emperor, Hermit, Black Pierrot, and Tower.

Magical Drop II Edit

Strength is located at the ninth stage of challenge mode after defeating World and before challenging Empress.

Magical Drop III Edit

Strength is hidden as a secret character. He cannot be challenged in challenge mode due to NOT having enough room on the enemy trail map. But instead, he can be a sub-boss character in Magical Journey. When the player stands on trap spaces where Strength is located, Strength will use a bear trap, causing the player to go back one space. He can also emitt poisonous gas by farting on the player, causing him/her to go back two spaces. Strength's ending is when he grows hair with a growth spray. But then, his hair grew longer and longer until he is blinded.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Strength leers and taps the knuckles of both fists together.

NOTE: Strength has the same animation as Strength II.

Combo Animation 1

Strength turns his back and flexes his muscles.

Combo Animation 2

Strength turns and faces the screen again while he is still flexing.

Combo Animation 3

Strength lifts a rock above his head and smashes it to the ground.

NOTE: He has the same third combo animation as Strength II.

Victory Animation

Strength flexes his muscles (again) and grins smugly.

Victim Animation

Strength screams at the screen.

NOTE: Strength has the same victim animation as Emperor.

Panic Animation 1

Strength glares and grits his teeth, a tic pulling at his eye and mouth.

Panic Animation 2

Strength gets a dopey look on his face and scratches his head with both hands.

Magical Drop F Edit

Strength's transformaiton is when he carries a bearskin on his back. In Justice's story, he drags her to Star's singing recital when she has spoken with World at least two times. Star accidentally knocks Justice out with her powerful singing. Strength is located at the ninth stage on the hard difficulty of 1P vs. COM. His starting item is a hammer where it destroys all ice blocks on the player's field.

Trivia Edit

  • Strength sometimes bears a resemblance to the Marvel superhero, The Incredible Hulk. But their colors are different.
  • In Magical Drop III, Strength can perform the same third combo as Strength II.
  • Strength has a soft spot on cats, as seen in his ending in Magical Drop II.
  • Strength's voice actor, GORILLA was accidentally misspelled as "GORIRA" at the end credits screen of Magical Drop II.
  • Strength sometimes resembles a Goron from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Strength was said to be confirmed in Magical Drop V, but was along with Rini and Giuseppe of LoversHigh Priestess, Temperance, and many other characters.
  • Strength is the only character who is a Power Type character in Magical Drop II.
  • Strength, along with Star, Strength II, Hanged Man, Death, Empress, Justice, Chariot, Devil, Judgement, World, and Moon are the only characters to have a tanned skin color in the series.
  • In Magical Drop II, Strength, along with Devil and Empress can be unlocked by pressing down on all of the characters in tarot card order.

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