Strength (ストレングス, "Sutorengusu"), generally referred to as Father Strength (ストレングス(父)) whenever a distinction needs to be made with his adopted daughter, is a muscular villain debuting in Magical Drop II. He, along with Devil, is aligned with Empress.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Father Strength is a bald, incredibly muscular man covered in scars and wearing spiked bracers together with green tattered shorts. In Magical Drop F, he wears a tunic with a single shoulder strap; in his transformed state, he wears a bear's pelt over his head and shoulders.

Father Strength initially appears to be intimidating thanks to his huge frame and booming voice; however, this is countered by his humorously-exaggerated reactions whenever things don't quite go his way. Despite being aligned with Empress and taking part in her mischief, flashbacks in the beginning of Daughter Strength's Adventure Mode depict him as a caring father; this is further shown in the PlayStation version of III, where he immediately jumps into battle with anyone who defeats his daughter.

Magical Drop II Edit

Strength is located at the ninth stage of challenge mode after defeating World and before challenging Empress. He is not playable by default, only being unlocked by pressing Down on all of the starting characters in tarot card order.

Magical Drop III Edit

Father Strength is playable, but does not appear on the character select screen; he is selected by holding or pressing an alternate button while selecting Daughter Strength. Despite sharing a character slot with his daughter, he is a fully-unique character with his own attack parameters. He is not encountered in Challenge Mode (in the arcade version), but appears as a mid-boss in Adventure Mode. In his arcade ending, he wishes for a hair tonic, which completely buries him in hair.

Magical Drop F Edit

Father Strength is located at the ninth stage on the hard difficulty of 1P vs. COM. His starting item is a hammer that it destroys all ice blocks on the player's field.

Trivia Edit

  • Father Strength is only loosely related to the traditional depiction of the Strength tarot card; Daughter Strength was likely conceived to more accurately depict the arcana. Both Strengths predictably share multiple traits, including their third chain animations ("Muscle Bomber" for Father and "Wild Bomber" for Daughter) and the opening notes of their respective theme songs.
  • Father Strength's voice actor, GORILLA was accidentally misspelled as "GORIRA" at the end credits screen of Magical Drop II.
  • Father Strength is the only character that cannot be encountered in Magical Drop III's Normal and Difficult 1P vs COM modes.