"Mmmm, I wanna take a comfortable bath."
— Hanged Man's ending in Magical Drop Pocket.

Hanged Man (ハングドマン, "Hangudoman") is a character debuting in Magical Drop III, where he served as a mid-boss. He is known for having the ability to stand upside-down.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hanged Man wears tattered clothes and is occasionally seen chewing on a straw. He is almost always upside-down, oftentimes standing on thin air to do so.

He is sometimes depicted as a pervert; Magical Drop III 4-Koma Ketteiban in particular features several gags centered around Hanged Man's ability to "up-skirt" the female cast.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

In Magical Journey, he is introduced to the board as a boss character. Not all boss characters need to be fought the easiest, but the player must defeat him in order to pass. In challenge mode, he is located at the first secret stage on the right after defeating Hermit once 300 seconds have passed. His ending in Magical Drop Pocket is where he disturbs World's bath into saying he wants to take a comfortable bath too.

HINT: The player must stay the longest on the first five stages for one minute.


Standing Animation (while hanging) Hanged Man crosses his arms in front of his chest and chews on his straw a bit.

Combo Animation 1

Hanged Man nods his head once.

Combo Animation 2

Hanged Man puts his hands on his hips and grins, chomping down on the straw in his mouth.

Combo Animation 3

Hanged Man laughs wildly.

Victory Animation

One of the cooler victory animations in the game, Hanged Man moves his hand beside his face and points at the ground with his index finger,

Victim Animation

Hanged Man grabs onto his hat and pulls it over his eyes, clenching his teeth.

Panic Animation 1

Hanged Man hangs lower while closing his eyes and chews hard on the straw in his mouth.

Panic Animation 2

Hanged Man hangs lower still, almost off the bottom of his card. He brings his arms up in front of his body and tenses the muscles in his hands and arms, clenching and unclenching his hands.

Magical Drop F Edit

Hanged Man's transformation is when he flashes into his leather jacket with pants and shoes. His starting item is a hook where it protects the player from enemy attacks while it holds the entire stack.

Trivia Edit

  • Hanged Man is occasionally spelled "Hangedman" in Magical Drop Pocket.

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