Hermit (ハーミット, "Hāmitto") is an old man with bushy eyebrows and beard. He wears a hooded robe, and carries a staff and lantern. Hermit can be playable once a cheat code (which unlocks the six secret characters) has been performed. In the Japanese version, Hermit has a raspy, dry voice. In the European version, he shares a voice with Magician, Emperor, Tower, and Black Pierrot.

Magical Drop III Edit

In challenge mode, Hermit is located at the sixth stage on medium / hard. In Magical Journey, he was featured as a sub-boss character. In his ending, he was sparring with Justice.


Stand Animation

Hermit's lantern swings back and forth a little.

Combo Animation 1

Hermit chuckles to himself.

Combo Animation 2

Hermit's lantern disappears. He raises his hand and creates a ball of dark energy, crushes it in his fist, then puts his hand over the entirety of his card.

Combo Animation 3

Hermit throws down his staff and rips his robes off, revealing a tattered gi and bald head. He then flies into the background and stands on a mountaintop, with splinters of rock rising into the air all around him.

Victory Animation

Hermit wipes his brow with his sleeve.

Victim Animation

While flashing, Hermit's eyes bulge and he clutches the small of his back.

Panic Animation 1

Hermit's eyebrow tics a little. He tightens the grip on his staff.

Panic Animation 2

Hermit opens his eyes and glares outward, quaking with rage.

Magical Drop F Edit

Hermit's transformation is that he becomes smaller known as "Chibi Hermit". He stands on his staff during gameplay. In 1P vs. COM, he is located at the fourteenth stage of the hard difficulty. Hermit's starting item is a glove where it returns the number of lines to send to the opponent.

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