"I wish for all the people to be happy and without trouble."
— Hierophant's ending in Magical Drop Pocket

Hierophant (ハイエロファント, "Haierofanto") is a saintly young man who debuted in Magical Drop III.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hierophant is a teenager with short blue hair, wearing a pope hat and formal robes. He wields a small staff.

In Magical Drop F, he has brown hair. His default costume also features a pope hat and long robes; however, his transformed state gives him more casual clothes better fit for fighting.

Hierophant is kind-hearted, and wants nothing more than to help spread peace and harmony. His good looks and calm nature has made him the target of several characters' affections, including Temperance, Moon, High Priestess, Emperor, and even Death. However, he is allegedly a bit of a pushover. According to his Magical Drop III profile, he likes sunbathing.

Magical Drop III Edit

Hierophant is a potential fifth opponent in Challenge Mode's easy difficulty, a potential eighth opponent in its normal and hard difficulties, and a sub-boss in Magical Journey.

In his arcade ending, he plans on giving up his Magical Drop, but the girls end up fighting over who should receive it. In his console ending, he tends after an injured Tower.

Magical Drop Pocket Edit

Hierophant is a playable character. In his ending, he wishes for everyone to be happy and without trouble. The Magical Drops grant his making everyone look and act like Fool.

Magical Drop F Edit

Hierophant appears in Magical Drop F, albeit slightly younger than his other appearances. His starting item is a cross.

Trivia Edit

  • Hierophant's name was spelled "Hi-Erophant" in Magical Drop Pocket.
  • Hierophant is not playable in Magical Drop V. However, he appeared in Death's ending.