"I wish for all the people to be happy and without trouble."
— Hierophant's ending in Magical Drop Pocket

Hierophant (ハイエロファント, "Haierofanto") is a blue-haired priest in a miter and robes. A "Hierophant" is traditionally a religious figure that makes known the secrets of his section. In the Magical Drop series, they may have called him the High Priest. In the Japanese version, Hierophant has a pretty typical young man's voice. In the European version, he shares a voice with the other young men, like Hanged Man, Chariot, and Devil. In his and other character's endings, Hierophant is made out to be quite the ladies' man.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

In Magical Journey, he is featured in this mode as a sub-boss character when a player always stops on his "Rival Space". In challenge mode, he can be found on the fifth stage on easy, and the eighth stage on medium / hard. He may have a related connection with High Priestess. But except, he cannot read books. Hierophant was seen talking to High Priestess, Temperance, and Moon in his ending of Magical Drop III into thinking he has wishes too. In Magical Drop Pocket, his ending is where he wishes for everyone to be happy and without trouble. But his plan backfires when he accidentally made Magician, High Priestess, and everyone's faces look like Fool's.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Hierophant stands with his arms at his sides and nods his head.

Combo Animation 1

Hierophant scratches the back of his head nervously.

Combo Animation 2

Hierophant puts one hand out, a bolt of energy crosses it, and a golden staff with a blue orb on the end appears. He then raises the staff to his forehead, closes his eyes, and concentrates.

Combo Animation 3

Hierophant swings the staff above his head, then brings it down in front of him, casting a lightning spell.

Victory Animation

Hierophant closes his eyes and grins.

Victim Animation

Hierophant puts his arms out to either side, bent at the elbows, and screams at the impact of balloons cascading down his card.

Panic Animation 1

Hierophant goes from nodding his head up and down to shaking it back and forth.

Panic Animation 2

Hierophant winces his eyes shut and grins, trying to keep a cheery demeanor under pressure.

Magical Drop F Edit

Hierophant is not just an ordinary character, but he can overcome his transformation in his new clothes. He also carries a level 2 staff. His starting item is a cross.

Trivia Edit

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