"I will defend Magical Land!"
— Justice's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Justice (ジャスティス, "Jasutisu") is a sword-wielding teenager introduced in Magical Drop II. She notably serves as the primary protagonist of Magical Drop F.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Justice wears leather armor that bares her midriff. She wears a charm around her forehead and is usually seen holding a balancing scale in one hand.

She has an incredibly strong sense of justice. According to her Magical Drop III profile, her hobby is to train to defeat evil, her likes are good deeds, and her dislikes are evil deeds.

Magical Drop II

In her first appearance, she is at the sixth stage of challenge mode after defeating High Priestess and before defeating Magician. Her ending is when she wants to become a different hero. She can become like "High Priestess", "Star", and "World". Justice is voiced by Ring-Ring where it was being shown at the end credits screen.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

Justice is also playable in Magical Journey and Puzzle Mode. In challenge mode, she appears on the third stage of the easy difficulty alongside Chariot and Strength II, and medium / hard on the second / third stage. Her ending is where she invites everyone over for a fancy dinner feast. In Magical Drop Pocket, her ending is where she wants to make up her face. But when her wish comes true, she gets a cheeky look with mascara on her eyelashes.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Justice grins, the balance in her hand tipping back and forth.

Combo Animation 1

Justice puts one hand on her hip and smiles big.

Combo Animation 2

With a crackle of electricity, Justice swings her hand towards the screen, index finger raised.

Combo Animation 3

Justice unleashes a mighty roundhouse punch. Electricity courses over her card. In Magical Drop II, she will raise her sword in the air where a bolt of lightning flashes onto her blade.

Victory Animation

Justice leans toward the screen and waves one finger, then winks and grins.

Victim Animation

In an obvious show of frustration, Justice clenches both fists and grits her teeth.

Panic Animation 1

Justice looks upward, her mouth puckered into an S-shape.

Panic Animation 2

Justice scratches the back of her head and smiles haplessly.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop F Edit

During the intro, Justice becomes shocked when the jar of the Magical Drops break where the drops suddenly dissapear. A crowd of people were running for their lives. A girl accidentally drops her teddy bear and let it get stepped on. Justice then sees a ripped open teddy bear which it got stepped on. After that, she gets filled with anger and transforms into a superhero-like warrior. She defeats Tower in one shot where the mechanical monster dissolves and disappears. All of the characters cheer for Justice. Justice is voiced by "Yūko Mizutani" who also voiced High Priestess in the game. The other three character costumes (High Priestess, Star, and World) could've been shown as her transformations because they were taken out and were replaced with her Excalibur form. Justice's transformation is a blue, white, and black tunic with winged boots and a steel plated tiara on her forehead. During 1P vs. COM, she is located at the twelfth stage of the hard difficulty. Justice's starting item is a sword where it boosts the player's attack power.

Trivia Edit

  • Justice is stated to be 16 years old in the Magical Drop III 4-Koma Collection, in a panel where she and High Priestess compare their ages.
  • Justice is the primary protagonist in Magical Drop F, she is revealed as the main hero in the intro.
  • Justice's transformation was the first who is seen in the intro of Magical Drop F
  • Justice's design in Magical Drop F resembles Excellen Browning who has debuted in Super Robot Wars Compact 2 (where both of them were voiced by Yūko Mizutani) and one of Zero Suit Samus' alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U.

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