"I wanna grow up like my big sisters."
— Ending of Lovers in Magical Drop Pocket

The Lovers (ラバーズ, "Rabāzu") are a duo of heroes who join forces while working together to save Magical Land from great danger and a massive destruction. Rini (リニ) is a pink-haired girl in a tunic, riding on a pig named Giuseppe (ジュゼッペ, "Juzeppe") with a heart-shaped symbol on its forehead. Whether Japanese or European, Rini has a little girl's voice, although a different one for each version. Giuseppe does not talk or speak in this game even this is shown in the victim animaton. Rini's hairstyle has two pigtails decorated with four hearts as bows.

Magical Drop III / Pocket Edit

Rini and Giuseppe are both located at the fifth stage on easy and the second stage on medium / hard in challenge mode. Her intro in Magical Journey is when Empress and the others threaten to eat her favorite pig, Giuseppe. Giuseppe then struggles to jump out of the cauldron and start the adventure. Rini and Giuseppe must be the first ones to enter the castle. Should they lose to her, Rini will begin to cry, which angers Giuseppe. However, if they win against her, they will set a trap for Empress where Leo threatens to attack her. In the ending of challenge mode, Rini and Giuseppe both discover an unnamed male lover. While in Magical Drop Pocket, Rini wants to grow up like her older sisters. After the aging transformation, she may got older but doesn't feel right, which upsets Giuseppe.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Rini sits on Giuseppe's back, bouncing up and down a little.

Combo Animation

Rini raises both arms in cheer, then smacks them down onto Giuseppe's head.

Combo Animation 2

Giuseppe flaps his ears and rises into the air. It is hard to tell whether it's supposed to be smiling or if its eyes are winced shut from the effort of lifting off the ground.

Combo Animation 3

Rini throws a few punches at the air.

Victory Animation

Rini bounces up and down on her surprisingly elastic mode of transportation.

Victim Animation

Giuseppe does nothing, but Rini waves her arms and struggles to keep her balance nonetheless.

Panic Animation 1

Rini clenches her fists and shakes her head back and forth. Her hair swings in front of her face. Even Giuseppe looks concerned.

Panic Animation 2

Rini ducks down low, wiping her face with the back of one hand.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop F Edit

Rini and Giuseppe has their own adventure mode. This will be shown after completing adventure mode with Justice. In 1P vs. COM, They are located at the seventh stage on the hard difficulty. Rini and Giuseppe's starting item is a heart.

Trivia Edit

  • Rini was named after the character (Chibiusa Tsukino in Japan) in the North American version of Sailor Moon.
  • Rini, along with Sun and Fortune (from Magical Drop V) are the shortest characters in the Magical Drop series.
  • Rini may be the shortest character in Magical Drop Pocket, but comes back older in her ending.
  • Rini was called "cutie" in the North American and PAL versions of Magical Drop Pocket.
  • Rini's voice in the European version of Magical Drop III is shared with Justice, Star, Strength II, Death, Temperance, Sun, and Judgement.

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