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Arcade, Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Wii Virtual Console

Magical Drop (マジカルドロップ) is a 1995 competitive arcade puzzle game created by Data East Corporation. It is the inaugural game of the Magical Drop series.

The arcade game received an updated version named Magical Drop Plus 1! that features aesthetic improvements and also introduces a "Solo Play" mode. Magical Drop Plus 1! was released in North America and Europe as Chain Reaction; in this version, the puzzle pieces are changed from spherical Drops to various items (such as food or celestial bodies) and the character-unique voice acting is replaced by a single male narrator.

All versions of the original arcade game were developed for Data East's "MLC" arcade hardware.


Magical Drop is a competitive puzzle game. The playfield consists of two 7x14 grids, one for the player and another for the opponent. Players control a clown located at the bottom of the screen while balloons (interchangeably referred to as Drops or bubbles) appear from the top of the screen. The clown is capable of grabbing and releasing all similarly-colored Drops in the column directly above it. Drops are cleared when the player releases a Drop or Drops that results in three or more vertically-stacked Drops of the same color; both the vertically-stacked Drops and all touching Drops of the same color are eliminated. All Drops above the cleared Drops will then fall upward, potentially creating another clear. This is a "chain reaction," generally referred to as simply a "chain." If the player is able to manually clear a set of Drops while another set is in the process is being cleared, it will also count as a chain.

Creating a chain of 2 or more sets will result in the other player being "attacked," by way of rows of Drops rapidly entering their field from the top.

A player is defeated when a column of Drops reaches beyond the bottom boundary of their field. A secondary method of victory is "Quota," where the first player to clear a predetermined number of drops is declared the winner of the round.

Characters Edit

Characters (Arcade Hits) Edit

1P VS. CPU Stage Order Edit

Stage Number Opponent
1 Fool
2 Star
3 Devil
4 High Priestess
5 Chariot
6 Magician
Final World

1P VS. CPU Stage Order (Arcade Hits) Edit

Stage Number Opponent
1 Hamilton
2 Mint
3 Waririn
4 Harp
5 Mitchell
6 Storm & Mok
Final Isabella R.

Voice cast Edit

Voice actor Character
Eri Tanaka Fool, Devil
Mitsuyo Sunada Star
Yū Mizushima Chariot
Eriko Kodaira High Priestess, World
Toru Kikuchi Magician

Voice cast (Arcade Hits) Edit

Voice actor Character
Eri Tanaka Hamilton, Waririn
Mitsuyo Sunada Mint
Yu Mizushima Mitchell
Eriko Kodaira Harp, Isabella · R
Toru Kikuchi Storm, Mok


Character artworkEdit

Character artwork (Arcade Hits)Edit