Magical Drop


Conspiracy Entertainment




Classified Games, Swing!


October 18, 2000


Game Boy Color

Magical Drop is a spinoff released for the Game Boy Color.

Gameplay Edit

The Game Boy Color Magical Drop is heavily based on Magical Drop III.

One notable omission from previous Magical Drop titles is the lack of a Story mode. This leaves the standard Endless mode as the only single-player mode.

Characters Edit

Magical Drop features all of the normally available characters from Magical Drop III. However, like Magical Drop III, only a small number of characters are playable in the Endless mode.

Character One Player
Fool Playable
Magician Absent
High Priestess Playable
Empress Absent
Emperor Playable
Hierophant Absent
Lovers Playable
Chariot Playable
Strength II Playable
Justice Playable
Death Absent
Devil Absent
Star Playable
Sun Absent
Judgement Absent
World Absent


  • The PAL version's box art reuses part of the artwork from the international PlayStation version of Magical Drop III.
  • The Game Boy Color Magical Drop is one of two Magical Drop games to be developed by a western company; the other is Magical Drop V.
    • It is the only Magical Drop game that has never been released in Japan.