Magical Drop II (マジカルドロップ2) is the second installment of the Magical Drop Series, released in 1996. The arcade version was developed for SNK's Neo Geo hardware, as opposed to Data East's proprietary MLC System that the first game was developed for. It includes a variety of gameplay changes, as well as new characters.

Gameplay AdditionsEdit

The core gameplay is similar to that of the first game, though with a few additions and modifications. Special Drops can now be matched with normal Drops, unlike the first game where they must be matched separately. The game also introduces Rainbow Balloons, colorless Drops that will become Special Balloons when matched with two or more drops of the same color.

The non-competition-based single player mode introduced in Magical Drop Plus 1! has been completely reimagined. The player is now given a much larger field spanning the entire screen, as well as a clown that can instantly teleport from the right edge of the field to the left and vice versa.

Game ModesEdit

1P Mode: Survival ModeEdit

In this mode, the player either plays as Devil (Medium) or High Priestess (Hard) The goal is to survive as long as possible. When playing this puzzle mode longer, the game gets progressively harder, throwing in Ice Chunks, Bubbles, and giving the player less Crystals and Super Balloons. Star (Expert) is only available in the Japanese version. In the SNES version, Fool (Easy) and World (Master) are introduced in this mode.

1P Mode: Vs. CPUEdit

In this mode, the player chooses one of the characters, and battle against the other characters, controlled by the CPU. The Trail the player take through the enemies can be shown below.

2P Vs. ModeEdit

In this mode, both players go at it head to head. Each player selects a character to use, and then try to take each other out. The player can force extra lines to its opponent by making chains or clearing a large amount of balloons at once. The game finishes when the player finishes his / her quota or let the opponent's balloons reach the bottom of the screen.

Flash ModeEdit

Exclusive to the Japanese version, Flash Mode provides a series of preset fields and challenges players to correctly clear them. A timer counts down during gameplay; if it reaches 0, the ceiling will rapidly drop down in an attempt to eliminate the player. If the player makes the puzzle unsolvable, the game will charge a time penalty and then provide the player a fresh row of balloons.

Characters Edit

Returning Characters Edit

Newcomers Edit

1P VS. CPU Stage Order Edit

Stage Number Opponent
1 Fool
2 Star
3 Devil
4 Chariot
5 High Priestess
6 Justice
7 Magician
8 World
9 Strength
Final Empress
Secret Black Pierrot

Voice Cast Edit

Voice actor Character
Eri Tanaka Fool, Devil
Mitsuyo Sunada Star
Nobuyuki Hiyama Chariot
Eriko Kodaira High Priestess, World
Isshin Chiba Magician
Ring-Ring Justice
GORILLA Strength
Rie Sakurai Empress

Trivia Edit

  • Fool will have his own voice (Eri Tanaka) when playing the game in Europe.
  • Chariot and Devil are both voiced by younger male actors when playing the game in Europe.
  • Magician, Strength, and Black Pierrot are voiced by older male actors when playing the game in Europe.
  • Justice and Star are both voiced by younger female actors when playing the game in Europe.
  • High Priestess, World, and Empress are voiced by older female actors when playing the game in Europe.
  • Empress, Devil, and Strength can be unlocked by pressing down on all of the characters in tarot card order.
  • Justice, Star, Chariot, Magician, World, Devil, and Strength are the only characters to have a tanned skin color.

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