Magical Drop V
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Golgoth Studio, UTV Ignition Entertainment, French Studios, Arkedo


UTV Ignition Entertainment

Release Date

November 15, 2012


Magical Drop 5



Magical Drop V (マジカルドロップ5) is the fifth main Magical Drop game, released more than ten years after Magical Drop F. It was developed by French indie developer Golgoth Studio for PC. Several console versions were slated for release, but they appear to have been silently cancelled.

While containing fewer modes and characters overall than its immediate predecessors, Magical Drop V allows for online play and four-player battles. It also includes elements from the unreleased game Ghostlop, including characters Bruce, McCoy, and Mushman who utilize Ghostlop's gameplay mechanics.

Characters Edit

Returning charactersEdit

Newcomers Edit

  • Bruce {Ghostlop character}
  • McCoy {Ghostlop character}
  • Mushman {Ghostlop character} (final boss only for Bruce and McCoy and sub-boss for all characters from ver. 1.0-1.4)

NOTE: Characters highlighted in bold are unlockable characters

1P VS. Stage Order Edit

NOTE 1: The stage order was for 1.0 - 1.4

Stage Number Opponent
1 Devil
2 Chariot
3 Star
4 Fool
5 Death
6 Justice
7 Magician
8 World
9 McCoy
10 Empress
Secret Black Pierrot
11 Mushman
Final Wheel of Fortune

NOTE 2: In version 1.5, the player randomly chooses a card in the deck to fight the first or the next opponent.

Voice actors Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Magical Drop V is one of two Magical Drop games to be developed by a western company. The other is the Game Boy Color Magical Drop.
  • Magical Drop V is also one of two Magical Drop games to lack an "endless" single-player mode. The other is the original version of the first Magical Drop.
  • All non-Japanese versions of the game use the "real" names invented by previous editors of this wiki. (For example, Merrick the Hierophant.) The Japanese version, however, strictly uses the tarot names.
  • Empress's profile is mistranslated, stating that she works for Devil and Strength. Furthermore, it states that Strength is her father. In truth, Devil and Strength work for her, and "Strength (Father)" is a common way of denoting the older Strength in Japanese material.
  • This game contains several references to Toki, an arcade game that Golgoth was (and to date, still is) attempting to remake.

Gallery Edit

Character artworkEdit


NOTE: Some Beta screenshots may be hidden in this section.

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