High Priestess' Book
High Priestess' book as seen in Magical Drop F


High Priestess


Increases chain count

Chain Recovery

5 (after transformation wears off)

High Priestess' Book (すうがくのページ, Sū gaku no pēji, Page of math in the Japanese version) is an item used by High Priestess in Magical Drop F. Her item can be unlocked after defeating her in Justice's story campaign upon choosing to break up the argument with Fool.

This item's effect will increase the user's chain count by 3, it will also increase the number of drops counted towards the quota by 9 per chain(s). (e.g. a 4-chain clearing 36 drops will be counted as if player made a 7-chain, and 45 drops will be counted towards the quota).

The player can still attack until the transformation wears off. This item's effect is similar to Justice's Sword and Chariot's Spear.


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