Moon (ムーン, "Mūn") is a secret character to make her first appearance in Magical Drop III. Not as cute as Star, fetish-pandering as Empress, or blatantly shameless as World, Moon is nevertheless well-drawn, serious most of the time, and dresses in a pretty revealing outfit. In Magical Drop III, she is voiced by Tsumugi Osawa while in Magical Drop F, her voice is portrayed by Nanako Itsumi Moon is arguably the most difficult character to play against in Challenge Mode. She can be reached once the player finishes the first six stages in 90 seconds or less. If this is being done, Moon can now be challenged after Hermit is defeated. Moon can be unlocked after performing a cheat code that unlocks the six secret characters. Moon shares a voice with Fortune, World, Empress, and High Priestess in the European version.

Magical Drop III Edit

Moon is located at the first secret stage on the left. She can be challenged after finishing the first six stages in 90 seconds or less.


Stand Animation

Moon stands with one hand on her hip.

Combo Animations

1. Moon draws one hand close to her chest, with a small smile.

2. Moon tosses her hair.

3. Moon leans forward and winks.

Victory Animation

On par with Hanged Man, Moon raises her arms and flies off the top of her card. She is then lowered back onto the card sitting on a crescent-moon shape.

Victim Animation

Moon leans toward the screen, her hand at her mouth and a tear in her eye. She wiggles her hips a little.

Panic Animations

1. Moon leans back and looks annoyed.

2. Moon looks off to one side with eyebrows furrowed.

Magical Drop F Edit

Moon's transformation is when she flashes into her desert clothes referring to Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. She is located at the 21st stage of the hard difficulty. Moon's starting item is an amulet where it removes most of the drops on the player's field. Moon can be found in Lovers' story mode once Rini chooses to visit the nighttime version of the lake where she is once located.

Trivia Edit

  • Moon's moon symbol on her forehead is similar to the one on High Priestess' miter.
  • During her transformation in Magical Drop F, Moon's clothes resemble the one Princess Jasmine wears in Aladdin.
  • Moon also resembles a Gerudo character in The Legend of Zelda series due to her Level 2 form in Magical Drop F.
  • Moon, along with Empress, Justice, Devil, Chariot, WorldStar, Strength II, Hanged Man, Death, Strength, Emperor, and Judgement are the only characters to have a tanned skin color in the series.

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