"I want to perform in the biggest stage in Magical Land and make everyone happy!!"
— Star's ending in Magical Drop V

Star (スター, "Sutā") is another Magical Drop veteran who has been here since the first game, is a pretty girl in a long dress with ankle length hair. She, like Temperance, holds two jars, but the water she pours goes to the ground. Most of it ends with the same word (or suffix). In the European version, her voice is being shared with Justice, Lovers, Death, Strength IIJudgement, and Temperance. Star has an ubiquitous voice and is voiced by Mitsuyo Sunada in Magical Drop (III, and III) while Yui Horie voices her in Magical Drop F.

Magical Drop II Edit

Star is located at the second stage after defeating Fool and before defeating Devil. She is available on Puzzle Mode, the expert difficuly where she can be found in the Japanese version. Her ending in the game is where she wants to become the prettiest girl in the world, but always get distracted when Chariot and Devil are fighting each other (which makes her shy), Magician looking at himself in the mirror (which makes her angry), and Strength falling in love with her (which makes her cry).

Magical Drop III Edit

Star's ending in the game is when she is about to sing on stage. She is also playable in Puzzle Mode and Magical Journey. Star can be found on the fourth stage of challenge mode after defeating Justice on all difficulties.

Animations Edit

Stand Animation

Star smiles and pours water.

Combo Animation 1

Star turns to one side and brings the jars close to her chest.

Combo Animation 2

After the jars disappear, Star blows a kiss towards the screen. Her voiceover is "Rabu-rabu-desu!", "rabu" being the Japanese transmogrification for the English "love".

Combo Animation 3

Star rears back, then points the jars at the screen. Small stars (the five-pointed radial shape, not the character) fly out of them.

Victory Animation

Star puts on hand behind her back and does the "Victory" symbol with the other.

Victim Animation

Star winces, her hands beside her face, and cries.

Panic Animation 1

Star gets teary-eyed, looks upward, and shakes her head back and forth.

Panic Animation 2

Star drops her jars and folds her hands under her chin in a pleading gesture, swaying back and forth. Begging the player NOT to send anymore balloons for bigger combos.

Rivals in Magical JourneyEdit

Magical Drop F Edit

Star's transformation is where she wears a pink dress just like when she is about to sing on stage. In Justice's story, Justice was knocked out due to Star's singing damaging her ears. She may not be a great backup singer as it seems... Her starting item is a microphone where it swaps the opponent's movement for a short time. In 1P vs. COM, she is located on the sixteenth stage of the hard difficulty.


Star's Image Gallery

Trivia Edit

  • Although Star cannot be a playable character in Magical Drop Pocket, however she made a cameo in Chariot's ending.
  • In Magical Drop F, Star is the only character to have a transformation mugshot along with some sprite rips.
  • In Magical Drop Touch, she is the only character to be introduced in the demo version.
  • In Ranma 1/2, Hinako Ninomiya resembles Star.
  • In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Some female characters such as Ling Xiaoyu, Miharu Hirano, etc. can be customized to look like Star.
  • Magical Drop F is the only game where Star wears slippers on her feet in her normal form and boots in her second form.
  • According to the relationships, Star is friends with High Priestess and Temperance.
  • In her ending of Magical Drop V, Star's singing damages Devil and Fortune's ears.
  • Star, along with Justice, Chariot, World, Strength II, Devil, Emperor, JudgementHanged Man, Death, Empress, Strength, and Moon are the only characters to have a tanned skin color in the series.

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