Sun (サン, "San") is a cute infant in a full-flaming body. Sun has, not surprisingly, a baby talking voice in the Japanese version. She is unable to form words, preferring instead to just giggle and babble. In the European version, Sun shares a voice with Temperance, Judgement, Star, Justice, Death, Strength II, and Lovers. Sun can still speak even if the game is translated to Europe.

Magical Drop III Edit

In challenge mode, Sun will be at the fourth stage of the easy difficulty, and the eighth stage alongside Temperance and Hierophant on medium. In her ending, Sun likes to play in the water. But due to being weak against it she drowns devastatingly as High Priestess and World give the hot tub a boost.

Stand Animation

Sun floats in the center of her card.

Combo Animation 1

Sun kicks her little sunny legs and laughs.

Combo Animation 2

Sun floats off the right side of her card, then from right to left in the background, then floats in from the left side and retakes her position in the center.

Combo Animation 3

Sun takes a deep breath, then exhales a blast of fire.

Victory Animation

Sun turns in place, then wiggles a bit and grins.

Victim Animation

Sun's arms and legs hang limp, her eyes get big, and her mouth puckers.

NOTE: In Magical Drop F, she cries a little bit.

Panic Animation 1

Sun waves her arms and legs and steams a bit.

Panic Animation 2

Sun closes her eyes in irritation and burns more fiercely than usual.

Magical Drop F Edit

Sun's design is where she wears a cape around her back. During her transformation, she can grow up to reach her true form. Her starting item is a lantern which removes all of the drops on the field. This item can be used for a major comeback when falling behind. Also after activating her transformation when using this item, all of the drops on the player's field are automatically removed. If the player keeps using this item after reaching the chain recovery limit, all drops will still be removed. Sun can also be found in Lovers' story mode once Rini chooses to visit the mountains where she is located.

Trivia Edit

  • In Magical Drop F, Sun is the only character who removes every balloon while doing her special attack during her transformation with her starting item.
  • When playing as Sun, her middle columns will descend faster than the other characters.
  • Sun, along with Rini of Lovers and Fortune (from Magical Drop V) are the youngest characters in the Magical Drop series.
  • Sun is not a playable character in Magical Drop Pocket, but she can make a cameo appearance on High Priestess' Ending.

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