Temperance (テンペランス, "Tenperansu") is one of the most cutest characters ever to hit the Magical Drop series. She wears an ankle-length dress and gold jewelry, and sports a pair of feathery wings on her back. She also carries two jars that are constantly pouring water to one another. Temperance can be playable after using a cheat code that unlocks the six secret characters. Temperace has such a soft voice in the Japanese version, it's hard to hear her sometimes. In the European version, she shares a voice with Justice, Star, Lovers, Strength IIDeath, Sun, and Judgement.

Magical Drop III Edit

In challenge mode, she is located at the eighth and ninth stages alongside Hierophant, Sun, and High Priestess.


Stand Animation

Temperance's vessels pour water from one to another.

Combo Animation 1

Temperance claps the two vessels together.

Combo Animation 2

Temperance smiles big and holds one jar towards the screen.

Combo Animation 3

Temperance turns her back to the screen and beats her wings a few times.

Victory Animation

Temperance leans forward and winks.

Victim Animation

Temperance leans backs a little and shakes her jugs.

Panic Animation 1

Temperance gets teary-eyed and starts breathing heavily.

Panic Animation 2

A tear in her eye, Temperance shakes her head and flaps her wings.

Magical Drop F Edit

Temperance, along with the other Magical Drop characters are fighting Tower. Her abilities are not appearing to be working on the mechanical beast. Her transformation was the outfit borrowed in Magical Drop III. But with a different dress and color. At the end of the intro, she and the others cheer for Justice whom she destroyed Tower because of her transformation. In 1P vs. COM, Temperance is located at the fifteenth stage of the hard difficulty. Her starting item in the game is a pillow, which puts her opponent to sleep for a short time.

Trivia Edit

  • In one of her animations in Magical Drop F, Temperance fights like she is boxing in her 2nd form.
  • Temperance is the second character to pour water like Star. But instead of the ground, she pours water in the second vessel.
  • Temperance is the second character to have wings that differs from Judgement.
  • Temperance, along with Death are both voiced by Yuka Tokumitsu who voiced Gatomon (Tailmon in Japan) in Digimon.
  • In Magical Drop V, she wasn't mentioned in the game, but World can use her background during gameplay.

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