"I will crush you!!!"
— Tower's battle intro quote in Magical Drop III

Tower (タワー, "Tawā") is a sentient building introduced as the penultimate boss of Magical Drop III.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Tower is an anthropomorphic tower with a flag waving from the crown of its "head." In Magical Drop F, its joints are held together by seemingly-electrical orbs. In its transformed state, it becomes a living cloud of electricity.

Tower is a machine-like creature appears to be under the control of Wheel of Fortune. It is rescued from her clutches in both Hierophant's and its own console endings.

Magical Drop III Edit

Tower is located at the eleventh and semifinal stage of Challenge Mode. In its arcade ending, it wishes to become larger, but escapes Earth's gravity and eventually becomes the Earth's sun. In its console ending, a dying Tower asks for one more chance to live its own life, and awakes in the care of Justice and High Priestess.

Magical Drop F Edit

Tower is prominently featured in the game's animated intro, with the heroes joining forces to defeat it. In 1P vs. COM, Tower is the 22nd opponent, right before Fortune. His starting item is Brick Fragments that lower the stack of the opponent's field.

Trivia Edit

  • Tower's victory pose, where it raises both of its arms above its head, is a reference to robot anime pioneer Tetsujin No. 28.