"I will crush you!!!"
— Tower's battle intro quote in Magical Drop III

Tower (タワー, "Tawā") is an anthropomorphic building and the largest character in the game. He has a door in his midsection and a flag on the top of his head. Tower only has one eye that resembles a crystal ball. Where his other eye should be is covered in bricks. Tower can be playable after using a cheat code that unlocks the six secret characters. Tower sometimes resemble a castle as it seems...

Magical Drop III Edit

Tower is located at the eleventh and semifinal stage of Challenge Mode. His ending is when he is about to fly to the center of the universe.


Stand Animation

Tower's flag waves in the breeze.

Combo Animation 1

Tower claps the bulwarks that serve as his hands a few times.

Combo Animation 2

Tower rears back, then punches the ground. Splinters of rock fly from the impact.

Combo Animation 3

Tower's head sinks into his torso and is then replaced by a cannon. The cannon aims toward the screen and fires.

Victory Animation

Tower raises his arms above his head and is struck by lightning from several directions.

Victim Animation

Tower falls apart, crumbling into rubble.

Panic Animation 1

Tower moves a little closer to the screen so that only his torso and head fit onto the card. His eye flashes different colors.

Panic Animation 2

Tower moves very close to the screen. His eye flashes rapidly.

Magical Drop F Edit

Tower is seen in the intro of the game. The other Magical Drop characters cannot defeat him because of the most powerful armor. At the end, he is defeated by Justice (along with her transformation). He can also turn himself into lightning during his transformation referred to as "Lightning Tower". In 1P vs. COM, Tower is located at the 22nd stage before Fortune. His starting item is a brick where it sends gems to lower the stack of the opponent's field. Tower can be challenged twice during Justice's story campaign (one near the destroyed town square and the other near the dark realm).

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