"Just some advice, but challenging me is fool's play."
— Fortune's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Wheel of Fortune (ホイールオブフォーチュン, "Hoīruobufōchun"), often simply Fortune  (フォーチュン, "Fōchun"), is an ancient evil. She is the final boss of Magical Drop III, Magical Drop F, and Magical Drop V.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Fortune is a woman with large red hair who wears a long dress. Her design features several rings to complement her "wheel" motif, including around her torso, her wrists, her hair, and hanging as earrings.

In Magical Drop F, her default form gives her green, pulled back hair and an orange dress. Her transformed form changes her hair and dress different shades of blue and adds "wings."

In Magical Drop V, she appears as a young girl wearing her hair in twintails. She wears a white shirt, short skirt, and thigh-high socks.

Fortune seeks to control the fate of Magical Land. She predictably speaks harshly of the other characters, insisting that she cannot be defeated.

Magical Drop III Edit

Fortune is the 12th and final opponent in Challenge Mode's normal and hard difficulties. When defeated, her power backfires and turns her into an infant.

In her arcade ending, she wishes for a mighty castle, but instead receives what appears to be a tourist attraction. In her console ending, she dooms all who failed to defeat her to remain in her castle for eternity.

Magical Drop F Edit

Fortune is the final boss of Justice's story, as well as the normal and difficult 1P vs CPU modes. Fortune's starting item is the "Rings of Fate" where it mimics one of the opponent's items at random.

Magical Drop V Edit

Fortune again appears as the final boss. Following her defeat in Magical Drop III, she was raised by Mushman, becoming every bit of evil as before.

Trivia Edit

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