"Just some advice, but challenging me is fool's play."
— Fortune's gallery quote in Magical Drop V

Wheel of Fortune (ホイールオブフォーチュン, "Hoīruobufōchun") (or just Fortune  (フォーチュン, "Fōchun") in various games) is actually a very shapely woman making her first appearance in Magical Drop III. Similar to Vanna White from the game show actually, if she was an evil queen instead of a game show co-host. Fortune wears a tight, ankle-length dress. White rings circle her wrists, waist, and hair, and hang beneath both ears. She also has wheels about her person with the power to control time and destiny. Fortune can be playable after performing a cheat that unlocks her along with the other five secret characters. In the Japanese version, Fortune has a woman's voice, but doesn't share it with anyone like she does in the European version. In that version, she uses the same voice as High Priestess, World, Moon, and Empress. Fortune is a little tricky character to defeat.

Magical Drop III Edit

Although, NOT making her appearance in Magical Journey as a boss, in her first appearance, she is located at the 12th and final stage of challenge mode after defeating Tower. When scoring a lot of points, her difficulty rating will go up high. After the player defeats her, time will go back to the past where she appears to be turned into an infant. The selected character of the player's ending can only be shown in the Japanese version. In Magical Drop Pocket, her ending states that she wants to go to the past. When she got to the past, she is accidentally turned into an infant like the ending cutscene in Magical Drop III.

NOTE: The ending of the tarot card characters in the English version and European version will NOT be shown after Fortune's defeat.


Stand Animation

Fortune glowers while her ring accessories spin and shimmer.

Combo Animation 1

Fortune turns her head to one side and grins smugly.

Combo Animation 2

Fortune raises her hands in front of her chest and creates a small orb of energy.

Combo Animation 3

Fortune will perform a "Dark Wave" attack against her opponent. The orb of energy turns into a blast as Fortune turns her attention to her opponent.

Victory Animation

Fortune turns into a wheel, which begins turning.

NOTE: Upon losing, any other character's lose picture is taken from their victim animation. Fortune instead turns into the wheel, taken from her victory animation.

Victim Animation

Fortune raises her arms into the air and screams.

Panic Animation 1

Fortune glares at the screen.

Panic Animation 2

Fortune continues glaring, her eyebrow showing a tic.

Magical Drop F Edit

Fortune will first appear during the intro in the quick close-up. After the others give Justice a cheer, Fortune appears again in the close-up. She will do the same thing in Magical Drop III as a final stage character. Fortune's transformation is when she grows wings on her sleek blue robes and dress. Also, her hairstyle and hair color changes. Due to her artwork in Magical Drop F, her appearance resembles High Priestess' robes and color. Also, she has green hair wrapped with a spiky, steel plated tiara and a few rings on her robes. Fortune's starting item is the "Rings of Fate" where it mimics one of the opponent's items at random. Her starting item works when the opponent uses it or not.

Magical Drop V Edit

There is a younger version of Fortune who has appeared in this game. She is a final boss character due to her remixed theme music title from Magical Drop III.

Trivia Edit

  • Fortune's tarot card name is similar to the game show: "Wheel of Fortune".
  • Due to the reference of changing, Fortune made a reference to Black Lady in Sailor Moon R where she reverts back to Chibiusa and Mistress 9 in Sailor Moon S, where she changes back into Hotaru Tomoe.
  • Fortune's design also relates to a game show co-host. Including various female characters from TV shows, movies, video games, etc.
  • Fortune's Lv. 2 form in Magical Drop F resembles Ashera, the Goddess of Order from Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
  • In Magical Drop F , she and Devil are both voiced by Naoko Matsui.
  • In Magical Drop V , her younger age can only be playable.
  • In Magical Drop III, she is voiced by Miina Tominaga, the voice actress who also did roles for Temperance and Judgement.
  • Her real name Uriko was named after the half-beast character in the Bloody Roar series who is also a final boss character in the first game.
  • Airi Masaki from Tenchi Muyo! GXP resembles Fortune's Lv. 1 outfit from Magical Drop F, also her outfit was said to be her color scheme.
  • Fortune's second and third combo animations both resemble Chun-Li's Kikosho technique from Capcom's Street Fighter series and Goku's Kamehameha Wave from the Dragon Ball series.
  • The special attack of Fortune's starting item, a pair of rings, is very comparable to Fool's starting item, the handbag. However, her item is not possible when trying to mimic Fool's item.
  • In Magical Drop III, Fortune, along with World and Empress are the only three characters who are final bosses. World and Empress are final bosses at the 6th stage of the easy difficulty, while Fortune takes the role for them both at the 12th stage of the medium and hard difficulties.
  • In Magical Drop F, Fortune, along with High Priestess and Burnz are the only three characters who are final bosses in 1P vs. COM. High Priestess was the final boss at the 3rd stage of the easy difficulty, while Fortune takes the role for her at the 8th stage of the medium difficulty and the 23rd stage of the hard difficulty. Burnz can be the true final boss of the medium and hard difficulties.
  • In Magical Drop V, Fortune's design is similar to Hatsune Miku, one of the VOCALOID singers and Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon.
  • In Magical Drop III, she has an alternate color where she appears to have white skin. 

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